2 years Already!!

sedar tak sedar arini dah 10.11.2014
kejapnye masa berlalu
dah 2 tahun da.. puff!!
rasa macam baru semalam jer kenal
rupanya arini dah anniversary yang ke 2!!
Hepi anniversary Abg!
U're everthing to me...U're..
My Love. My Life. My Best Friend.
My Delight. My Soulmate. My Teacher.
My Equal. My Confident. My Shoulder To Cry On.
My Light. My Student. My Laughter. My Pilot.
My Lover. My Mechanic. My Handyman.
My Guy. My Comedian. My Honey.
My Entrepeneur.My Husband!!
I love u so much
To the moon and back!!

If kisses were water
I give u the sea..
If huge were leaves
I give u a tree..
If love was time
I give u eternity..!!
p/s : jom kita g bercuti next month!! :)

Make choices that will make your journey in life the best that it can be.

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